6 Ton Vibratory Road Roller FYL-D206

FYL-D206 is 6 ton vibratory road roller, the front with smooth steel drum, the rear with rubber tyres, it suit for large scale soil compaction.

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FYL-D206 is is 6ton vibratory road roller with cabin,this roller adopts China famous brand Yunnei diesel

 engine, the front  drum width is 1600mmmm, the vibration capacity is 8ton. it has large size, it's good

 choosen for large scale soil compaction.


1. Four-cylinder water-cooled engine with strong power;

2. Infinitely variable speed;

3. Easy to operate, no clutch gearbox for hydraulic shifting;

4. Efficiently, transmission structure adopts power shift, the drive is direct and convenient.

Technical Parameter:

Model FYL-D206
Walk Speed 0-8km/h Vibration capacity 80KN
Gradeability 30% Fuel tank volume 42L
Turning radius 5000mm Hydraulic Oil Tank 42L
Static Linear Load 55/70N/cm Engine Model Yunnei water cooled diesel YN27
Drive type Torque converter driving Power 57HP
Drive wheel Rear wheel Rotate speed 2400rpm
Walking brake Pneumatic brake Battery 24V/120AH
Vibration type hydraulic vibration Vibration drum size Diameter:1100mm Width: 1600mm
Vibration frequency 35Hz Working weight 6000kg
 Nominal amplitude 0.5mm Size 5000X1800X2600mm

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