Why is the secondary structure pouring pump easy to block pipe

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The concrete aggregate transported by the secondary structure pouring pump is too large, which will cause pipe blocking. In addition, the use of the secondary structure pouring pump for a long time, there will be some wear, the power is not very enough, this time will cause concrete aggregate in the conveying pipe, the flow rate is a little slow, and then caused by the blocked pipe situation, for these problems, the technician there is no good way to deal with it, can only temporarily adjust the machinery, so that the power is more sufficient. However, in this way, the wear of this structure pump is still more serious, which will shorten the service life of this structure pump.

Therefore, in general, it is not recommended that customers operate in this way. In fact, this situation is relatively common in the engineering team, now many engineering teams in the construction industry are using concrete machinery for construction, if the quality of these machinery is not very good, then naturally because of the use of a long time, resulting in wear, and the lack of transmission power behind the situation often occurs.


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