Furd exports a batch of small road rollers and small excavators to India

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The hot sale of small road machinery has become a highlight of the machinery industry market sales. Among them, small road rollers are particularly popular, mainly used for the compaction and leveling of ditch foundations, roads, sports venues, and can also be used for the compaction of asphalt surfaces. Research and development and production of small excavators are mainly used in orchard ditching, landscaping, cable trough, mountain planting, greenhouse vegetables, farmland transformation, basement, gravel concrete and other small Spaces.

In recent years, Furd machinery for domestic and foreign users of product design more and more humanized, personalized needs, to promote the "people have no I have, people have my excellent" development strategy, select the market blank breakthrough, the old products to complete the optimization design, so that the company's product science and technology content, product quality, appearance on a new level.  At the same time, Furd machinery firmly grasp the opportunities of foreign trade export market, keep up with customer information, take major customers and key projects as a breakthrough, and ensure customer demand in many aspects such as market promotion, product quality, after-sales service and spare parts supply.  Set a new benchmark for the development of the national road machinery industry!

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